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The Teacher as Leader Secondary STEM Seminar (PDF syllabus link): This course was designed for masters’ students in their final year of the teacher education program at the University of Connecticut. Students designed inquiry-based research projects in which they collected and analyzed data relating to their interests and the needs of the schools in which they were. Course assignments included creating a literature review, iterative writing of inquiry project papers, and teaching demonstrations.

Informal STEM Practice I & II (gdoc syllabus link): This course was designed for students who were interested in learning about informal STEM education (ISE), including museums, science centers, aquaria, zoos, and parks. The course consisted of lectures, readings, online discussions, and participating in an internship experience at a informal science learning venue. Students were expected to spend 20 hours per week (240 total hours) in this internship experience. Interns were placed in the I Am STEM summer camp, at the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Cade Museum, the Museum of Math, the York County Museum, and more.

Course assignments included weekly field notebooks documenting internship experiences, creating a research poster, and designing an infographic about inclusivity (broadly considered) for their internship placement.

Educational Research Experience for Undergraduates (gdoc syllabus link): This course was designed for advanced undergraduate students who were interested in gaining experience in educational research. This included the opportunity work with educational research professors on their projects in order to learn about data management processes, measures, and procedures for data collection in educational settings. The course functioned as an internship for students to apply research to a practical setting. This experience was especially beneficial for students considering graduate school in the field of education.

Course assignments included weekly summaries of internship experiences; and developing, designing, and presenting a research poster at a college-wide symposium.

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