Teaching Evaluations and Student Feedback

For quantitative feedback, peruse this google sheet with Likert-style survey responses for my courses compared to the college mean: http://bit.ly/LundgrenEvals

Student Feedback from Undergraduate Research Experience
3 credits, taught Spring 2018

  • Qualities of the Instructor that contributed to the success of this course
    • Lisa did an amazing job putting this new course together while it also being her first course she taught at UF. She is extremely understanding and open minded, and when I came to her with critiques at the beginning of the course she listened and made changes that helped our class. I respect her so much.
    • I loved how you interacted with us and I loved all our research projects. I would gladly keep working on mine in the future if I could.
    • Friendly, communicated expectations well
    • Ms. Lundgren is enthusiastic about education and personable. Throughout the entirety of the course she was always ready to offer advice and lend a helping hand.
    • I think this instructor cared a lot, which is refreshing. She made UF smaller and made you feel valued.
    • I loved how excited Lisa was throughout our research! She always made sure that we were comfortable with the course.
    • Her enthusiasm and responsiveness were very beneficial to the course. It made the course more interesting and engaging.
    • Enthusiastic and positive
  • Qualities of the Instructor which hindered success of the course
    • None
    • She did not fully understand how to utilize Canvas in the best way to ensure we saw all of the assignments.
    • No
    • I think it’s very important to at least mention the main details of a syllabus. It can be our responsibility to read the details and make sure we’re truly familiar with it but we should be aware of at least the main details. Additionally, deadlines on Canvas should pop up. Our discussion posts never popped up with a deadline and therefore a lot of us wouldn’t even notice them. I don’t know the proper way to do it but I believe there’s a date that discussion posts are due and a different day that they close. I’m guessing that only the closing dates were put in so many of us never got the notification that it was coming up. I’m not sure though.
    • I think there was lack of organization in the course, which in a free style course like this is hindering. Sometimes expectations were not expressed clearly, especially with discussion posts. It would be helpful to have due dates for everything.
  • Opinions of the course, including printed materials
    • I thought this class was a good supplement to the research project. I knew how to guide the research because of the class.
    • I believe this course to be a valuable experience. I may have never pursued any sort of research if not for this course. Therefore, I learned a lot of practical and technical skills I may have not otherwise acquired. I also think it was enjoyable and low stress.
    • I loved this course. I would gladly continue working on my project. I enjoyed the content in class and loved it.
    • It was very helpful in terms of gaining experience and very enjoyable
    • This course was extremely rewarding and has changed my life plan for the better. I really enjoy research and hope more of my UFTeach peers take this course and learn about educational research and how it can benefit them. Giving undergraduates research opportunities and the ability to make a research poster is so unique and an amazing experience.
    • I loved the course! The material of the research I did was so interesting. I was able to make connections and am now much more sure of what I am planning on doing after I finish my undergraduate degree.
    • The course was very informative about the process of educational research. Most everything asked of students benefited the flow of the course in some way.

Student Feedback from Informal STEM Practice
3 credits, taught Summer 2018

  • Qualities of the Instructor that contributed to the success of this course
    • Friendly, supportive, reasonable
    • Lisa Lundgren is an absolutely wondeful teacher. I wish I could take every course with her. She is always available to assist and support you. This semester was extremely difficult with my internship and she supported and encouraged me the entire way. Wonderful teacher and person!
    • Professor Lundgren is friendly and quickly responds to emails regarding the course.
    • She was very available and answered emails promptly.
    • She was quick to respond to emails.
    • Prof Lundgren was very information and engaged with her students even online. She encouraged her students to succeed in their internships and was able to accommodate when problems arose.
  • Qualities of the instructor which hindered success of the course
    • The organization of the canvas site was poor and there were a lot of broken links. Also she didn’t work with students who were struggling to create a plan to help them succeed.
    • None
    • No
  • Opinion of course, including printed materials
    • Very valuable to future educators
    • Great course. I learned so much this summer in my internship. I feel like the materials were appropriate. I have learned more from this experience than any other class I’ve taken.
    • This course was my favorite out of all my summer courses. I found Professor Lundgren’s video lectures to be extremely helpful to help understand the key concepts of the course. Discussions were fun and engaging.
    • I really enjoyed the idea of this course and feel like I learned a lot from being at my internship. However I feel like there was a disconnect between what I was doing on site and the work on canvas.
    • The course was very helpful to my internship.


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